Alone In Berlin (12A)

Tuesday 19 December 8.00pm


Starring: Emma Thompson, Daniel Brühl, Brendan Gleeson
Director: Vincent Perez
Language: English
Contains moderate violence, threat, injury detail 

A couple try to keep their heads down during the Nazi regime, but when a tragic event strikes their lives, they can’t ignore the injustices anymore.

Otto (Brendan Gleeson) and Anna Quangel (Emma Thompson) are an ordinary, working-class couple living in Berlin, 1940. At the start of the war, and the terrifying Nazi regime, the two try to lay low and ignore what is happening around them. When their only son is killed, and the fate of their elderly Jewish neighbour seeming perilous, the two cannot stand idly by anymore.

Alone in Berlin is the true story of an ordinary couple fighting against extraordinary evil, and standing for what’s right. Starring Emma Thompson (Sense and Sensibility, Love Actually) and Brendan Gleeson (Edge of Tomorrow, Gangs of New York), this astounding story will horrify and inspire audiences in equal measure.

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