Relaxed Performance of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Thursday 4 January 2pm

Please call 

01245 606505 
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Mirror Mirror on the wall, the greatest panto for one and all…

Snow White is turning 18 but her evil step-mother, wicked Queen Griselda has banned anybody from celebrating. Can Snow White and her pals the loveable Nurse Nelly and the Seven Dwarfs with the help of the Man in the Mirror and the evil Queen’s right hand man Chambers defeat the wicked Queen? And will Prince Henry save the day and ensure a truly happy ending?

From the creative team behind Jack and the Beanstalk and many other of the fabulous pantomimes presented by Chelmsford City Theatres and One From The Heart. Expect a sensational cast, energetic dance routines, top class live music and plenty of cringe-worthy gags.

Please note this is a relaxed Performance which has been carefully adjusted to reduce anxiety or stress for those who might otherwise find attending a performance a challenging experience.

For example, someone with autism, sensory and communication needs and/or a learning disability might be reluctant to attend public theatre performances. Relaxed performances make it possible for families to experience theatre together in a relaxed environment.

These performances offer a relaxed environment as adjustments are made to reduce anxiety or stress, such as changes to lighting and sound to eliminate surprise and soften their impact.

Staff and performers will have a relaxed attitude to noise from the audience and customers are free to move around the auditorium during the performance.

Ticket Prices

  • All tickets: £ 16.00
Please call 01245 606505 to book

£1.50 fee is applicable per transaction, except for cash and debit card payments made in person and by telephone