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Search, track and comment on planning applications

As of November 2019, we are still experiencing an issue with viewing documents on Public Access. We are working with our suppliers and doing all we can to find a solution. Unfortunately, we can't provide any dates for this as yet, but will update this message when we have more information. In the meantime, you can search for available documents. We apologise for any inconvenience.

  1. Search and track applications using Public Access

  2. Comment on applications using Public Access

  3. Comment on applications by post

Search, track or comment now

You can use Public Access to view planning applications that have been submitted to us. You can search for applications, track their progress and add comments.

Public Access uses tabs, and you can use these to:

  • view details of the application, including a summary, contacts and important dates
  • make a comment if the application is in the consultation period
  • view comments from consultees
  • view plans and documents, including drawings, decision notices and officer reports
  • look at any related cases
  • view the location of the application on a map 

Many of the building plans, documents and drawings include very detailed information. You may find it easier to view these documents on a desktop computer, rather than on a smartphone or tablet.

If you don’t have access to the internet or a desktop computer, you can use self-service desktop computers at:

  • the Customer Service Centre, Civic Centre
  • Chelmsford Library
  • South Woodham Ferrers Library

You can also  make comments by post if you are unable to use Public Access.


2. Comment on applications using Public Access

You can comment on current planning applications during the consultation period. You need to search for the application you want to comment on. Once you have found the application, you need to select the ‘Make a Comment’ tab.

If you have a detailed comment, you may want to write it in another program, such as Microsoft Word, then paste it into Public Access. This is because sessions on Public Access time out after 30 minutes.

We will only consider comments if they relate to planning matters. Planning matters include:

  • the size and scale of the proposal    
  • potential loss of light   
  • the design and appearance of the proposal    
  • potential loss of privacy or increased overlooking   
  • the impact on traffic and parking
  • potential for additional noise and disturbance
  • the impact on trees, landscape or existing buildings   

Planning matters do not include:

  • property value
  • the loss of a view
  • land ownership disputes
  • preference for an alternative development
  • competition for existing business
  • the personal circumstance of the applicant     

If you want us to consider your comment on a planning application, you need to provide your name and address.

If you don't, we will classify the comment as anonymous, and will not:

  • consider it as part of the decision process

  • be able to notify you of any related planning applications

We will make all comments we receive publicly available.

If you submit a comment on an application we received after 1 April 2019, we will publish it online two to three days later. 

If you would like to view a comment on an application we received before 1 April 2019, you can complete our online request form.

We will not display, share or consider any comments that are inappropriate, including those that are racist, inflammatory or derogatory.

If we receive comments by post or in a format that we can't copy from, we will display a summary of the comment.

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