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Previous local plan

We adopted the Local Plan on 27 May 2020. The Local Plan replaces all the policies and Proposals (Policies) Maps in the Local Development Framework. This was set out in the following documents, which have been revoked:

  • Core Strategy Development Plan and Development Control Policies DPD, February 2008
  • Chelmsford Town Centre DPD, August 2008
  • North Chelmsford Area Action Plan DPD, July 2011
  • Site Allocations DPD, February 2012
  • Core Strategy Development Plan and Development Control Policies Focused Review DPD, December 2013

We are formally revoking the following Supplementary Planning Documents (SPD), prepared to support the above DPDs: 

  • Making Places SPD, June 2008
  • Building for Tomorrow SPD, June 2013
  • Planning Obligations SPD, June 2014

In addition, we are also revoking the following informal Planning Guidance Documents:

  • Affordable Housing Implementation Guide, March 2015
  • Interim Residential Parking Guidance, March 2015
  • Interim Recycling and Waste Guidance, September 2013

The evidence base on this page only relates to the 2008 Local Development Framework. A separate evidence base supports our new Local Plan.

Documents covering the whole of the Chelmsford City Council area

Our Core Strategy and Development Control Policies (2008):

  • sets out the area wide planning strategy, objectives and policies up to 2012
  • includes the Proposals Maps to show the policies geographically

Our Focused Review - Core Strategy and Development Control Policies (2013)reviews the Core Strategy and Development Control Policies. We carried out this review to ensure it was consistent with the 2012 National Planning Policy Framework.

Our Site Allocations Document (2012)allocates land for a range of uses to implement the Core Strategy and Development Control Policies.

To view our proposals maps, you need to choose Site Allocations from the list of categories. You can also search the A to Z of all documents for 'SAD' to find the maps.

Documents covering Chelmsford City Centre

Our Chelmsford Town Centre Area Action Plan (2008)and CTCAAP Proposals Mapguides development in central Chelmsford. This includes buildings, infrastructure and public realm. 

Documents covering North Chelmsford

Our North Chelmsford Area Action Plan  (2011)and NCAAP Proposals Mapset out we will achieve growth in North Chelmsford. This includes the amount and location of development for expanded and new communities.

A to Z of all Local Development Framework documents

This A to Z list includes the key documents and also the Local Development Framework evidence base.

You can search by keyword or expands the list of categories to find what you are looking for.

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