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Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs)

Making Places Supplementary Planning Document 

This seeks to promote and secure high-quality sustainable new development. It is aimed at all forms of development, from large strategic developments, public spaces and places, to small extensions to individual homes.

It sets out detailed guidance on the standards included in Chelmsford’s Local Plan for future planning proposals. It also shows how development can go beyond planning policy requirements to create the most sustainable and environmentally friendly development.

Planning Obligations Supplementary Planning Document

This sets out how we will seek planning obligations when considering planning applications. 

It identifies topic areas where planning obligations and possible contributions would be applicable, whether financial or otherwise. This can include providing things like affordable housing, open space, environmental improvements or community facilities, and/or paying financial contributions towards them.

Along with our Community Infrastructure Levy Charging Schedule, the SPD gives clear guidelines to developers, landowners and stakeholders. It sets out the likely scope and scale of planning obligations applicable to different sorts of development. 

Next steps

We adopted the SPDs at Cabinet on 26 January 2021.

We are now finalising the documents for publication. Until we have published them, you can view the documents and schedules of changes on the Cabinet agenda page.

Other SPDs

You can also view our other SPDs, which are:

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