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Consultation on Writtle Neighbourhood Plan


About Neighbourhood Plan consultations

Town and parish councils, or other organisations, can take the lead in creating neighbourhood development plans, community plans and orders for planning in their area. We will help to create the plans, and make decisions at key stages.

Writtle Neighbourhood Plan

Writtle Parish Council has developed a draft Neighbourhood Plan for the parish and formally submitted it to us. The plan proposes local planning policies for Writtle.

It covers the whole of the parish, and includes planning policies on the environment, village character, development, open space and transport. It also proposes principles for development for land at east Chelmsford (Warren Farm), which we have already allocated in the Local Plan.

Once we have adopted the plan, it will become part of our Local Plan.


Consultation on the draft Neighbourhood Plan has now closed. This was the Regulation 16 Consultation.

You can view the comments we received to the consultation on our Consultation Portal.

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You can read our guide on how to view comments.

The documents

The submission is made up of the following documents:

There are a number of evidence documents that provide helpful background information, which were used to inform the draft Neighbourhood Plan.

What happens next

We will send all the submission documents and comments to an independent examiner, who will decide whether the Writtle Neighbourhood Plan should proceed to referendum.

We will only adopt the plan if more than 50% vote ‘yes’ in a public referendum held in the area covered by the Neighbourhood Plan.

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Last updated: 09 April 2021

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