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Local Plan Examination

The Independent Examination hearing sessions ended on 13 December 2018.

The inspector considers that the Plan could be found sound, subject to Main Modifications identified in her Post Hearing Advice Note (EX045).

The Cabinet considered the Main Modifications at its meeting on 1 July. Full Council then considered the Main Modifications at its meeting on 16 July.

Full Council agreed that we will consult on the Main Modifications from 8.45am on Thursday 1 August to 4.45pm on Monday 19 September 2019.

We will publish the full details of the consultation on this page on Thursday 1 August.

We expect to adopt the new Local Plan by the end of the year.

You can still view the draft hearings timetable setting out the programme for the hearing sessions.

You can view the documents for each week of the examination, as well as Statements of Common Ground, other documents and the submission documents.

We will add any updates from the Inspector or other new documents as we receive them, under the post-hearing documents tab. 

The Inspector

The Secretary of State appointed Yvonne Wright BSc (Hons) DipTP MSc DMS MRTPI as the inspector.

The Independent Examination hearing sessions took place in November and December 2018. You can view the Examination documents, including the programme, agendas and guidance notes by expanding the tabs. 

We anticipate the Inspector will issue her report early next year. 

She will apply tests of soundness, which assess if:

  • we have prepared the Local Plan in accordance with the Duty to Co-operate
  • the Local Plan is legally compliant
  • the Local Plan is consistent with national policy

 We will add any updates from the Inspector or other new documents as we receive them, under the Post hearing documents tab.   

The Programme Officer

We have appointed a Programme Officer, an independent officer who will organised and manage the administrative and procedural matters of the Examination.

Our Programme Officer is Andrea Copsey.  

For any queries about the Local Plan Examination, you can contact Andrea:

What the Local Plan includes

The draft Local Plan includes:

  • around 8,800 houses on new site allocations
  • around 1,300 houses on sites not identified (windfalls)
  • around 11,700 new homes which already have planning permission
  • 10 Gypsy and Traveller pitches
  • 24 Travelling Showpeople plots
  • 725 new jobs a year
  • 55,000 square metres of business and employment space
  • protection for the green belt, valued landscapes, heritage assets, and areas for wildlife and nature conservation
  • supporting infrastructure including schools, roads, transport improvements, and community and leisure facilities
  • planning polices which we will use to determine planning applications


Evidence base

The evidence base contains the background and technical documents we used to prepare the Local Plan. These include housing, traffic, landscape and sustainability. We have also been working with our partners to understand infrastructure needs.


Consultation stages

We have carried out three stages of consultation on the Local Plan.

  • Issues and Options, from November 2015 to January 2016
  • Preferred Options, from March 2017 to May 2017
  • Pre-Submission, from January 2018 to March 2018

We carefully considered all the comments we received in these consultations, and used them to progress the Local Plan to submission stage.

You can:

We will produce a number of documents to help the examination. We will publish these documents as we create them, with the newest at the top of the list.

EX011Legal Compliance Checklist UpdateChelmsford City Council 7 November 2018 
EX010Technical Note: Detailed Site Sustainability Appraisal InformationWood plc7 November 2018See Note 1
EX004CLP MIQs, Week 1 (October 2018)Inspector12 October 2018 
EX003CLP Draft Hearings Timetable, Weeks 1, 2 and 3 (version 4)Inspector26 October 2018 
EX002CLP Examination Guidance Note, Weeks 1, 2 and 3Inspector26 October 2018 
EX001Inspector's documents (Letter to Respondents), Week 1Inspector12 October 2018 
PSD001Chelmsford City Local Plan Regulation 19 Consultation: Resolution of Basildon Council ObjectionsBasildon Council29 June 2018 
Note 1: We have published additional site spreadsheet information for Appendix G of the Pre-Submission Local Plan SA Report (SD 004). This is to ensure that all the completed detailed site SA spreadsheet information is published.

EX031Chelmsford Racecourse Noise Complaints NoteChelmsford City Council5 December 2018
EX030EX030 North Essex Authorities: Further Response from Inspector (IED014)Mr Roger Clews 27 November 2018
EB063BDevelopment Trajectory: Beaulieu, Channels and proposed North East Chelmsford (SGS4) sites, November 2018 updateChelmsford City CouncilNovember 2018
EB063AHousing Site Schedule Updated Format November 2018 with Annual Projections to 2035-36Chelmsford City CouncilNovember 2018
EX025Housing Implementation StrategyChelmsford City CouncilNovember 2018
EXHS067Hearing Statement: Chris Gutteridge (Matter 6a)Chris GutteridgeNovember 2018
EXHS066JHearing Statement: Hopkins Homes (Matter 6a, 10 of 10)Hopkins HomesNovember 2018
EXHS066IHearing Statement: Hopkins Homes (Matter 6a, 9 of 10)Hopkins HomesNovember 2018
EXHS066HHearing Statement: Hopkins Homes (Matter 6a, 8 of 10)Hopkins HomesNovember 2018
EXHS066GHearing Statement: Hopkins Homes (Matter 6a, 7 of 10)Hopkins HomesNovember 2018

EB063CDevelopment Comparison: Beaulieu, Channels, and proposed North East Chelmsford (with outlets)Chelmsford City Council13 December 2018
EX034Appeal Decision 15/3003304 Seven Ash Green, ChelmsfordThe Planning Inspectorate13 December 2018
EX033Appeal Decision 14/3001771 Main Road, BorehamThe Planning Inspectorate13 December 2018
EX032Allocated Sites Status ScheduleChelmsford City Council10 December 2018
EX029Hearing Statement: Chelmsford City Council, Week 3, Matter 11 (Monitoring and Viability)Chelmsford City Council27 November 2018
EX028Hearing Statement: Chelmsford City Council, Week 3, Matter 10 (Development Management)Chelmsford City Council27 November 2018
EX027Hearing Statement: Chelmsford City Council, Week 3, Matter 9 (The Environment)Chelmsford City Council27 November 2018
EX026Hearing Statement: Chelmsford City Council, Week 3, Matter 8 (Infrastructure)Chelmsford City Council27 November 2018
EX020Hearing Statement: Chelmsford City Council, Week 3, Matter 6c (Growth Area 3)Chelmsford City Council27 November 2018
EXHS100Hearing Statement: Mr Riches (Matter 6c)Mr Riches27 November 2018

SOCG26Statement of Common Ground with Broomfield Parish CouncilChelmsford City Council, Broomfield Parish CouncilDecember 2018
SOCG14CStatement of Common Ground with West Chelmsford: Strategic Matters Chelmsford City Council, Crest Nicholson December 2018
PSD004Response to SOCG15 - Decision Notice 2Grosvenor Developments Ltd and Hammonds Estates LLPNovember 2018
PSD003Response to SOCG15 - Decision Notice 1Grosvenor Developments Ltd and Hammonds Estates LLPNovember 2018
PSD002Response to SOCG15 - Scoping OpinionGrosvenor Developments Ltd and Hammonds Estates LLPNovember 2018
SOCG24Statement of Common Ground Proposed Station at Beaulieu (NE Chelmsford)Chelmsford City Council, Essex County Council, Network Rail, Greater Anglia, Countryside Zest November 2018
SOCG23Statement of Common Ground with Mid-Essex Hospital Trust and ECCChelmsford City Council, Essex County Council, Mid Essex Hospital TrustNovember 2018
SOCG22Statement of Common Ground with Highways England & ECCChelmsford City Council, Essex County Council, Highways EnglandNovember 2018
SOCG21Statement of Common Ground with North East Chelmsford (Strategic Matters)Chelmsford City Council, Essex County Council, The North East Chelmsford Garden Village ConsortiumNovember 2018
SOCG20BStatement of Common Ground with Site Promoters of SWF (Highways and Transport)Chelmsford City Council, Essex County Council, Countryside, Speakman FamilyNovember 2018

We sent these Submission Documents to the inspector on 29 June 2018:

We also sent a range of:

  • evidence base documents
  • topic papers
  • statements of common ground


You can look at our evidence base to download and view these documents.


Viewing the documents

You can download and view the Submission Documents from the list. Some of the documents are large in size. You may find it easier to download these documents on a desktop computer, rather than on a smartphone or tablet.

You can also view the Submission Documents at:

 Statement of RepresentationsChelmsford City Council15 July 2019
EX046CCC Response to Inspector's Post Hearing Advice NoteChelmsford City Council 25 February 2019
EX045 Inspector’s Post Hearing Advice NoteInspector8 February 2019
EX044CCC Response to Site Schedules EX038 and EX039Chelmsford City Council 23 January 2019
EX043Minerals Resource Assessment, Land at Woodhouse Lane, Broomfield: Further Response from ECCEssex County Council22 January 2019
EX042 Minerals Resource Assessment, Land at Woodhouse Lane, Broomfield: Revised AddendumPeter Brett Associates22 January 2019
EX041Memorandum of Understanding: Broomfield Hospital Access RoadCCC, ECC, Bloor, Hospital Trust21 January 2019
EX040Position Statement: Road Investment Scheme A12 to A120Highways England8 January 2019
EX039Site Schedule: Housing Supply Reductions Grosvenor Developments Ltd and Hammonds Estates LLP8 January 2019
EX038Site Schedule: Growth Area 1 Non-Developable SitesGrosvenor Developments Ltd and Hammonds Estates LLP8 January 2019


Local Development Scheme

We have set out what Local Plan documents we will prepare and a timetable in our  Local Development Scheme.


Statement of Community Involvement

Our  Statement of Community Involvement sets out how and when community involvement will take place, and what organisations and individuals we will consult.


Our newsletters

Each of our newsletters gives an overview of the different stages of developing the new Local Plan.

You can download our:


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