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Local Plan examination

The Independent Examination hearing sessions ended on 13 December 2018.

The inspector considers that the Plan could be found sound, subject to Main Modifications identified in her Post Hearing Advice Note (EX045)

The Cabinet considered the Main Modifications at its meeting on 1 July. Full Council then considered the Main Modifications at its meeting on 16 July.

We published a schedule of the main modifications for consultation from August to September 2019. This consultation has now closed. We have collated the responses we received and sent them to the Inspector for her consideration.

The Inspector is currently considering the responses to the main modifications consultation. You can access the public statement from the Planning Inspectorate about the approach to casework during the pre-election period.

Chelmsford gets new infrastructure funding 

A £218m Forward Funding Housing Infrastructure Fund (HIF) bid submitted for the new rail station and Chelmsford North East By-pass has been confirmed by Government. You can find out what this means for Chelmsford.

Chelmsford Garden Village gets £150,000

Chelmsford Garden Village has received support and financial backing of £150,000 from the UK Government as one of 19 new villages to receive funding through the Garden Communities Programme.

The Main Modifications (EX047) are needed to make the Local Plan sound. They involve changes or insertions to policies and text that are essential to enable us to adopt the Plan. Main Modifications are therefore changes that have an impact on the implementation of a policy. 

Some Main Modifications result in consequential changes to the Policies Map. You can see these on the Proposed Policies Map changes (EX049)

These are accompanied by updated sustainability reports, namely the Sustainability Appraisal Addendum 2019 (EX051) and the Habitats Regulations Assessment (EX052).

We have updated some evidence base documents since the Examination hearings.

Consultation on the Main Modifications has now closed. We have sent all the comments we received to the Planning Inspector holding the Examination. The Inspector will consider the response and will either:

  • ask us to carry out further work, or
  • issue her final report on the soundness of the Local Plan

In addition, we are proposing a number of Additional Modifications (EX048) to the submitted Local Plan. These do not affect the soundness of the Local Plan but are in the main factual updates of the supporting text. 

You can read all the documents by following the links, or through the Consultation Portal

The Inspector

The Secretary of State appointed Yvonne Wright BSc (Hons) DipTP MSc DMS MRTPI as the inspector.

The Independent Examination hearing sessions took place in November and December 2018. You can view the Examination documents, including the programme, agendas and guidance notes by expanding the tabs. 

We anticipate the Inspector will issue her report by the end of the year. 

She will apply tests of soundness, which assess if:

  • we have prepared the Local Plan in accordance with the Duty to Co-operate
  • the Local Plan is legally compliant
  • the Local Plan is consistent with national policy

 We will add any updates from the Inspector or other new documents as we receive them, under the Post hearing documents tab.


The Programme Officer

We have appointed a Programme Officer, an independent officer who will organised and manage the administrative and procedural matters of the Examination.

Our Programme Officer is Andrea Copsey.  

For any queries about the Local Plan Examination, you can contact Andrea:

What the Local Plan includes

The draft Local Plan includes:

  • around 8,800 houses on new site allocations
  • around 1,300 houses on sites not identified (windfalls)
  • around 11,700 new homes which already have planning permission
  • 10 Gypsy and Traveller pitches
  • 24 Travelling Showpeople plots
  • 725 new jobs a year
  • 55,000 square metres of business and employment space
  • protection for the green belt, valued landscapes, heritage assets, and areas for wildlife and nature conservation
  • supporting infrastructure including schools, roads, transport improvements, and community and leisure facilities
  • planning polices which we will use to determine planning applications


Evidence base

The evidence base contains the background and technical documents we used to prepare the Local Plan. These include housing, traffic, landscape and sustainability. We have also been working with our partners to understand infrastructure needs.


Consultation stages

We have carried out four stages of consultation on the Local Plan.

  • Issues and Options, from November 2015 to January 2016
  • Preferred Options, from March 2017 to May 2017
  • Pre-Submission, from January 2018 to March 2018
  • Main Modifications, from August 2019 to September 2019

We carefully considered all the comments we received in the first three consultations, and used them to progress the Local Plan to submission stage. We have sent all the comments we received on the Main Modifications to the Planning Inspector holding the Examination.

You can:


Local Development Scheme

We have set out what Local Plan documents we will prepare and a timetable in our  Local Development Scheme.


Our newsletters

Each of our newsletters gives an overview of the different stages of developing the new Local Plan.

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