Chelmsford City Council

Involving communities and organisations

Involving communities

We are committed to involving local communities and organisations in planning decisions.

We have explained how we will involve local people in planning in our Statement of Community Involvement (SD 013). Our statement includes information on making comments on planning applications, and also how to get involved with consultation on the Local Plan.


Duty to Co-operate

We are committed to working with other councils and key organisations on planning issues that cross different council’s boundaries.

The organisations we regularly work with include Essex County Council, Highways England, utility companies and education providers.

We have to ensure that we properly co-ordinate strategic issues such as:

  • land for new homes and jobs

  • infrastructure

  • providing schools

  • managing flood risk

You can view our Duty to Co-operate Strategy to find out how this co-operation works.

We have summarised our Duty to Co-operate activity that we did during the preparation of our Local plan. The Duty to Co-operate Statement (SD 010) forms part of the submission of the Local Planto the Secretary of State.

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