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Community-led housing

Community-led housing is where local people and groups help to design and deliver new housing, without profiting from it. They can build housing to help the local community and often include features like gardens, allotments and shared cooking and eating spaces.


There are a range of different delivery models.

Community land trusts

These are groups which involve local people throughout the whole process. They can help to include the housing type and location.

They will often own and manage the housing a long-term basis to make sure they stay affordable.


These provide self-contained homes for residents, as well as shared and community spaces. They usually have a common house with shared facilities for cooking and dining, meeting and play areas, and guest rooms.

They will often manage themselves and come together to make decisions.

Co-operative housing

This is a mutual society which owns or leases housing and then rents them to their members, who also manage and control the housing.

The members therefore act as their own landlord.

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Last updated: 12 May 2020

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