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Forms not available on the Planning Portal

You can view a list of planning application forms on the Planning Portal, and print what you need. To find the form you need on the Planning Portal, you will need to enter your postcode or address.

You can also download the forms that are not available on the Planning Portal.

Form titleForm
Biodiversity ChecklistDownload Biodiversity Checklist
Confirmation of Discharge of Conditions ApplicationRequest confirmation
Economic Viability Appraisal ChecklistDownload Economic Viability Appraisal Checklist
Householder Prior Approval ApplicationSubmit Householder Prior Approval Application
Notice of planning application to ownersDownload notice
Notification of a proposed larger home extensionDownload notification
Notify the owner of a listed building about intended worksDownload notification form
SuDs checklist: Detailed designAccess the Detailed design SuDs checklist
SuDs checklist: Outline designAccess the Detailed design SuDs checklist
Sustainable Development Checklist (non-residential)Download non-residential checklist

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