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Check if you need planning permission

You need planning permission for most building work, or if you want to change what a building or piece of land is used for.

However, some work is allowed under permitted development so you don’t need planning permission.

The Planning Portal explains what work needs planning permission and what is allowed under permitted development.

Even if the work is classed as permitted development, you may still need planning permission. Some properties do not have permitted development rights, so you should contact us to check.

As well as planning permission and permitted development, there are other permissions you may need to consider. You can use the Planning Portal to find out the other permissions you might need.

You also need to consider:

Even if you don’t need planning permission, you may still need building control approval.

Planning permission deals with the use of land, the appearance of buildings and the impact on the environment. Building regulations make sure that buildings are safe, accessible and energy efficient.

You can find out about our Building Control Service, or view more information building regulations on the Planning Portal.

We can give general advice about the planning application process. However, planning legislation does not apply to every property or piece of land in the same way.

If you have specific queries about your property or want to check if you need planning permission, you can use our chargeable planning advice service.

You can also apply for a Lawful Development Certificate to confirm that your work does not need planning permission.

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