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You can make a planning application yourself, or employ a local planning agent, architect or trade professional to help you. You can find information about professional bodies and trade associations on the Planning Portal.

After you have  checked if you need planning permission and  decided if you need pre-application advice, you can apply for planning permission.

When you apply for planning permission, you need to:

  1. submit the correct application form and supporting documents
  2. pay the correct planning application fee
  3. understand the planning application process
  4. find out how to appeal the planning decision


2. Pay the correct planning application fee

You need to pay the correct fee when you submit your planning application, or it will not be valid. This will delay the application process, meaning it will take much longer for you to receive a decision.

You can use the Planning Portal calculator to find out how much you need to pay. 

You can also use the  Planning Portal to:

  • submit your planning application

  • make your payment

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