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How to design a development proposal

Our Making Places Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) gives advice on how to prepare a new development proposal, and applies to all sizes of development.

You should read the advice on this page in conjunction with the Making Places SPD.

There are some essential steps you need to follow when designing a new development, which are:

  • site appraisal
  • design and masterplans
  • pre-application advice
  • quality review panel
  • making a planning application

Pre-application discussions are an on-going process, and you should start them with us as early as possible for the best possible outcome.

  • Site appraisalFind out more about a site appraisal, where you research a site to understand its history and context in order to inform your development proposal.
  • Design and masterplansFind out more about what you have to consider about good design, and if you will need to submit a masterplan for your development.
  • Pre-application processFind out more about the pre-application process, where we encourage you to discuss your proposals before submitting a planning application.
  • Quality Review PanelFind out more about the Essex Quality Review Panel, which offers advice and guidance to help ensure new developments are of high quality.
  • Making a planning applicationOnce you are familiar with how to design a development proposal, you will be ready to make a planning application.

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