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Masterplan submission for Strategic Growth Site Policy 8: North of Broomfield (approved)

On 27 May 2020, we adopted the Chelmsford Local Plan (2013 to 2036). 

In the final version if the Local Plan, we had to change the numbering and formatting. This meant we needed to change how we refer to some of the allocation sites, including this site. It was known as Growth Site Policy 6, but it is now Growth Site Policy 8.

Masterplans are high level documents that set out the broad content of development. We use masterplans to help shape excellent places to live, work and enjoy. 

Masterplans help to: 

  • show how a development relates to the existing site and surrounding area 
  • identify the location of access points and community facilities
  • show which parts of the site will be developed and which parts of the site will stay open

The masterplan must reflect our Local Plan, which stipulates the content of development on this site.

There are some key milestones during the process, such as:

  • allocating the site for development through the Local Plan, which is now complete
  • producing the masterplan
  • submitting an outline planning application
  • submitting a reserved matters planning application, which provides the finer detail of the proposals

Following public consultation in early 2020, Bloor Homes has submitted a revised masterplan for a new development on land to the north of Broomfield village. The reference remains 20/00001/MAS. 

Next steps

The Local Plan classifies this as a Strategic Growth Site. This means we must approve the developer’s masterplan before we can determine a formal planning application for the site.

As part of the approval process, Bloor Homes held a public exhibition in January 2020. This formed part of the formal stage of public consultation on the masterplan, which ran between January and February 2020.

Bloor Homes have now made changes to the masterplan following a review of the public comments.

You can view the revised masterplan.

Some parts of these documents feature detailed information and are large in size. You may find it easier to download and view these documents on a desktop computer, rather than on a smartphone or tablet.

We will now formally consider the masterplan, and decide whether we can approve this version of the masterplan document.

You can also view our new Local Plan.  

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    Last updated: 18 February 2021

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