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Temple Farm

Artist impression of Temple Farm site, showing building set in green landscape

In 2015, we granted planning permission for the development of a new national headquarters for the Jehovah's Witness Organisation.

The site is located at Temple Farm, Ship Road, West Hanningfield. The land is outside of the green belt.

The new headquarters, when complete, will include 112,500 square metres of mixed use floor area, with:

  • production facilities
  • offices
  • residential blocks
  • service areas and other associated works

Construction at the site is now well-underway, following a site clearance and clear up of the contamination. The land was once a large scrap yard, and also had a number of unauthorised uses since the 1970s.

As part of the development, there is a new roundabout on Stock Road. Access to the site is from this new roundabout, and the old entrance at Ship Road is now closed except for emergency use. The Meadow Rise entrance will also close soon, other than for emergency use.

There have also been improvements to the local pedestrian and cycle routes, as well as to the bus stops.

The previous route through the site now runs along the edge, and includes a new section of public footpath.

Phases 1 to 8 are now finished, including the approved landscaping.

The approved landscape strategy shows that the completed development will include the planting of:

  • 1,000 new trees
  • 2.655 linear metres of native hedgerow
  • a woodland buffer mix, with around 5,500 small trees and native shrubs/understorey pants


The application to develop Temple Farm was a hybrid application. This means it included an outline application and a detailed application. We approved both in 2015.

An outline application establishes the principle of development, but not the specific content. 

A detailed or full application includes the full specification of development.

The detailed application for the Temple Farm development related to infrastructure works, including a power supply and access. We approved this at the outset so that construction could get underway.

After we approve an outline application, the applicant submits reserved matter applications, which confirm the specifications of different aspects of the development. 

We have now received a number of reserved matter applications, ten of  which we have approved.  


Developments and improvements - Temple Farm phase map.png

These development phases are based on the reserved matters applications that we have already approved.


Phase 1: Access and internal roads


Phase 2: Residential blocks


Phase 3: Utility compound enclosure


Phase 4: Office building

  • Summary: Construction of an office building comprising of a four storey office block, reception and one to two storey multi-purpose block
  • Reference: 17/01499/REM
  • Approval date: 22 November 2017
  • View 17/01499/REM on Public Access


Phase 5: Residence and healthcare building


Phase 6: Production buildings

  • Summary: Construction of two production buildings, one ground maintenance building and associated parking and landscaping
  • Reference: 18/00018/REM
  • Approval date: 28 March 2018
  • View 18/00018/REM on Public Access


Phase 7: Recreation building

  • Summary: Construction of a recreation building, sports pitches and associated landscaping
  • Reference: 18/00960/REM
  • Approval date: 28 August 2018
  • View 18/00960/REM on Public Access 

Phase 8: Gatehouse building

Phase 9: Residence blocks (second phase)

  • Summary: Construction of 9 residence blocks comprising 403 residences with under-croft car parking, extensive soft landscaping, 4 refuse/recycling stores, and other associated plant and utility enclosures.
  • Reference: 19/01488/REM
  • Approval date: 20 December 2019
  • View 19/01488/REM on Public Access

Phase 10: Extension to production facilities, energy centre and maintenance building

  • Summary: Extension of the existing production facilities buildings to create one large single storey production facility building, erection of a grounds maintenance building and energy centre and associated car parking and landscaping.
  • Reference: 19/01665/REM
  • Approval date: 4 March 2020
  • View 19/01665/REM on Public Access

Phase 11: Offices (second phase) and multipurpose block

  • Summary: Construction of a four storey north office block with under-croft parking, a three to four storey south office block with under-croft parking, a two storey multi-purpose block and ancillary bin stores along with landscaping.
  • Reference: 19/02091/REM
  • Approval date: 29 June 2020
  • View 19/02091/REM on Public Access
Developments and improvements - Temple Farm - Site wide development.jpg
Site wide development
Developments and improvements - Temple Farm - Residential blocks.jpg
Residential blocks (application 16/01231/REM)
Developments and improvements - Temple Farm - Office building.jpg
Office building (application 17/01499/REM)
Developments and improvements - Temple Farm - Landscaping.jpg
Landscaping works (application 16/01231/REM)

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