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Public art

Public art is any original and unique work by an artist in a public place. 

Good public art is site specific. It should relate to the context of a particular location and can help to define a public space. 

We enthusiastically welcome public art, as a great way to celebrate the city. We have secured a number of works through commissions as part of development schemes. We encourage developers to dedicate around one percent of their budget to a public art commission.

In new development schemes, public art can: 

  • give public enjoyment
  • strengthen local and cultural identity
  • express a link between private activity and community
  • add prestige to a development
  • lead to interpretative and educational activity
  • provide employment for artists

It may be big or small, mobile or static, integral to a building or freestanding, fine art or functional. It may take the form of sculpture, glass, craft, built furniture, an event or festival.

You can view our advice for developers if you are looking to commission public art.

List of public art in Chelmsford

Autumn Watch and Spring WatchBeaulieu entrancesJane AckroydAutumn Watch unveiled 2015, Spring Watch installed 2016Three statues of deer
Baddow Road Historic TradesBaddow Road at junction with Can Bridge WayJane Addison Words formed out of metal to describe local historic trades
BooksBeaulieu neighbourhood centreDavid MackieInstalled 2018Bronze statue of book on a plinth, engraved with 'But now this park where deer would graze and roam'
Boreham Landscape MosaicCoopers, Church Road, BorehamPeter HarringtonUnveiled 2012Mosaic of rural houses installed on a wall
Bridge artworkChelmer Road bridgeMelanie JacksonInstalled 2016Pictures engraved on bridge with the words 'Chelmer and Blackwater Navigation'
Bugs Sculpture in LagoonGreat Leighs lagoon, A131 BypassNicola BurrellCommissioned 2003Sculpture of large orange bugs climbing on green stems
Celestial FixArmy and Navy site, Walkway adjacent to Travel Lodge entrance, ParkwayIrene RoganInstalled December 2008Pink celestial body floating in space
Central ChelmsfordCity Park West phase 1Christopher TippingInstalled 2014Word engraved into stone step, such as 'unwavering', 'solid' and 'headstrong'
Ceramic panelNew Barn, Kings RoadLisa HawkerInstalled 2015Ceramic panel embedded into the front of a three-storey block of flats
Ceramic plaquesWykeham Road, WrittleLisa HawkerInstalled 2012Close up of panel showing '2012'

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Last updated: 06 November 2020

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