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Working on a listed building

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If you want to carry out any work on a listed building, you will need to apply for specific planning permission, called listed building consent.

You can't apply for listed building consent online, so you will need to download an application form and return it to us.

Once you have completed your application, you will need to follow the same steps as when you submit a planning application.

For information and advice about living in a listed building, you can view Historic England.


Work that requires listed building consent

If you are unsure about the permission you need for the work you want to carry out, you can contact us.

You will definitely need listed building consent if you want to:

  • add an extension
  • remove historic doors, fireplaces, plasterwork or panelling
  • replace external doors or windows
  • paint the outside of the property
  • demolish all or part of property, including anything in the grounds
  • carry out repairs that would involve changing the fabric of the building or using different materials    

You don’t need listed building consent to:

  • paint and decorate the inside of the property, if you or the previous owners have already carried out similar work
  • replace modern kitchen and bathroom fittings
  • carry out regular maintenance, using traditional materials

It is a criminal offence to carry out work to a listed building without our consent.

You can carry out emergency work to a listed building with our consent, but you will have to prove:

  • the work was urgent, due to health and safety or to preserve the building
  • a temporary solution was unsuitable
  • the work was limited to the minimum amount necessary
  • you gave written notice of the work as soon as possible

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