Chelmsford City Council

Listed buildings in Chelmsford

Listed buildings

Historic England identify and keep a record of listed buildings, to protect them for their historic or architectural value.

You can search all listed buildings on Historic England.

If you want to carry out any work on a listed building, you will need to apply for specific planning permission, called listed building consent.

You can find general information about listed buildings on Historic England.


Buildings of local value

We also keep a register of buildings of local value. These buildings are not listed, but we recognise their local historic or architectural value.

We thoroughly check planning applications relating to buildings of local value. We ensure that the plans take account of the building's special character and setting.


Scheduled monuments

The sectary of state designates monuments for their national archaeological interest.

You can look at Historic England for more information about scheduled monuments, and search for monuments in the Chelmsford area.

If you want to carry out works to a scheduled monument, you will need consent from Historic England.


Historic buildings at risk

We keep a register of historic buildings that are at risk from neglect, decay and disuse. This includes listed buildings, buildings in conservation areas and ancient monuments.

We monitor the historic buildings on our register, and can serve legal notices if the owner of the building does not carry out necessary repairs.

If you aware of a historic building that is at risk, you can contact us to report it.

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