Chelmsford City Council

Chelmsford, along with the rest of England, is now in lockdown until further notice. You can find out what this means and get other useful information on our coronavirus updates page.

Report a dangerous building

Report now

We investigate dangerous buildings and structures, which could be dangerous due to:

  • settlement    
  • storm damage    
  • old age    
  • fire or explosion    
  • vehicle impact    
  • design defects

You can report a dangerous building to us at any time, by calling us out of hours on 01245 606299.

To report a dangerous building, you will need to tell us:

  • the location of the building    
  • why the building is dangerous    
  • your name and contact details    
  • the name and contact details of the building owner, if you know who it is

We deal with dangerous buildings by:

  • asking the owner to carry out remedial works    
  • carrying out enforcement action    
  • employing a contractor to make the building safer, in an emergency

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    Last updated: 05 August 2020

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