Chelmsford City Council

Make a building control application

To make a building control application, you can:  

  • submit the application yourself
  • employ someone (such as a builder or architect) to help you
  • use someone registered with a competent person scheme to carry out your work

When you apply for building control approval, you need to:

  1. decide which application type you need
  2. submit the correct application form and supporting documents
  3.  pay the correct building control charge
  4. understand the building control process


3. Pay the correct building control charge

You need to pay the correct charge for your building control application, or it will not be valid.

You can view our list of charges to check how much you need to pay.

When you submit your application, we will send you an email with information about the different payment options.

The application process will be delayed if you do not pay the correct amount, meaning it will take much longer for you to receive approval.

You can download and view our Scheme for the Recovery of Building Regulation Charges and Associated Matters.

You can also read our guidance notes about supplementary charges and refunds.

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