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Dedications, donations and sponsorships

Find out how to dedicate a bench, sponsor a roundabout or make a donation or bequest to improve the green spaces in Chelmsford.


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We offer members of the public the opportunity to purchase and dedicate a bench in one of our parks.

If you would like to dedicate a bench, you can choose the style and include an engraved plaque.

You can also choose the park you would like your bench to be located in. The only parks where we do not offer dedicated benches are Hylands Park and Oaklands Park.

You can contact us to discuss the different options, including how much they cost.

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Each year, we plant hundreds of trees across the Chelmsford area with help from donations from members of the public and businesses.

The trees we plant vary in species and in maturity, from small saplings to semi-mature trees. We require a larger donation to plant semi-mature trees than smaller trees and saplings.

If you would like us to plant a tree for you, you can:

  • choose the species and the maturity of the tree, to reflect the size of the donation you would like to make

  • request the location of where you would like us to plant the tree

If you request a location, we will plant the tree as close as we can to your choice. However, you can't add a plaque to your tree.

We plant trees between November and March.

If you are considering making a donation for a tree, you can contact us to discuss your request.



Bequests help us to fund projects that improve the experience of visitors to our parks. From tree planting and floral displays, to restoration work and building conservation, the projects vary greatly, but all contribute to the enjoyment of our parks. 

Leaving us a gift in your will means we will be able to continue these projects and make a difference to the parks in Chelmsford. 

If you are considering making a bequest, you can contact us to discuss your wishes.

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We offer local businesses and organisations the opportunity to sponsor the roundabouts that we maintain in the Chelmsford area.

As a sponsor, you can display up to three signs on the roundabout, giving you a unique marketing opportunity.

Sponsorship agreements run for a minimum of two years, with the sponsorship payment due annually.

We carry out the planting and landscape works between October and April.

If you are interested in sponsoring a roundabout, you can contact us for more information.

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