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Coronavirus safety guidance for taxi and private hire vehicle passengers

Our taxi drivers are taking steps to keep you safe during this time. 

We have outlined some actions you can take to help protect yourself and others from coronavirus.

Find out how to travel safely during coronavirus, on GOV.UK. 

You can also view our coronavirus safety guidance for taxi drivers.

Wear a face covering

Passengers in a taxi or private hire vehicle must wear a face covering, unless you are exempt.

Follow the driver’s advice

The drive may ask you:

  • to sit in the back-left hand seat if travelling alone
  • to face away from the other passengers where possible

Keep your distance

Whilst waiting for a taxi, you should keep your distance from people outside of your household.

Maintain hygiene

To help protect others, you should:

  • wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water or apply hand sanitiser
  • wear a face covering as a precautionary measure, if you can

Avoid physical contact

You should avoid physical contact and:

  • be aware of the surfaces you touch
  • keep at least two metres (six feet) apart from others whilst waiting for a taxi

Make contactless payments

When paying for the journey, you should:

  • pay in advance or use a contactless card if you can
  • avoid using cash. If you can only use cash, do not place it in the drivers hand and wash or wipe your hands before and after handling the cash

Refused fares

To risk assess the situation, drivers may ask you some questions. They can refuse a fare if they consider it to be high risk to themselves, or if a passenger is not wearing a face covering.


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    Last updated: 12 March 2021

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