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Maldon resident parking scheme

Register on MiPermit 

You need to register on MiPermit before you can buy a resident permit or visitor tickets.

To register on MiPermit, you will need your:

  • Council Tax account number
  • house number
  • postcode

If you have recently moved and don't yet have your Council Tax account number, we can set up your MiPermit account for you. You will need to contact us and provide proof of residency, such as your tenancy agreement or a utility bill from the last three months.

You only need to register an account the first time you buy a resident permit or visitor tickets. However, each person who wants to buy a permit or tickets will need their own account, even if it is for the same address.

Registering an account will verify that you are the resident of the property and determine whether the property is in the scheme.

If you’re not sure if your property is included in the scheme, you can contact us to find out.

  1. Buy a Maldon resident permit

  2. Buy Maldon visitor tickets

  3. Find out about the resident parking scheme in Maldon


3. Find out about the resident parking scheme in Maldon

You can download a booklet to find out:

  • what the Maldon resident parking scheme is
  • which vehicles can have a permit
  • the roads the scheme applies to
  • the types of resident permit
  • the types of visitor ticket
  • about dispensation permits
  • about any other types of permits
  • how to use resident permits and visitor tickets
  • how to contact the South Essex Parking Partnership for queries and comments

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