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Important information about proposed TROs: 
When the proposal is published, you will have 21 days to formally respond. You can either object to the proposal or support it. Even if you commented on this proposal during the informal consultation, you still need to respond formally if you want your views to be heard. This is because we can't consider informal comments in the formal decision-making process. 
When the 21-day formal consultation period has ended, we will let residents know if there have been objections to the proposal. 
If there are objections we can't resolve, the Sub-Committee will meet to consider them. The committee can agree to: 
• proceed with the proposal as published 
• amend the proposal 
• withdraw the proposal completely 
Anyone that has submitted a representation during the 21-day period will receive a copy of the committee report and be invited to the committee meeting. You will have the opportunity to speak to the committee members before they make their decision. 
When the date of the committee meeting is confirmed, we will update everyone that made a representation during the 21-day period. We will try to hold the meeting as soon as possible, but there may be delays if we are dealing with lots of schemes. 
Reference number
Off-Street Parking Order 2018
Order type
Roads affected
Baddow Road Car Park; Coval Lane Car Park; Fairfield Road Car Park; Glebe Road Car Park; Great Baddow Parish Car Park; High Chelmer Multi-Storey Car Park; Little Waltham Parish Car Park; Market Road Service Area; Meadows Retail Multi-Storey Car Park; Meadows Surface Car Park; Moulsham Street Car Park; Parkway Car Park; Rectory Lane East Car Park; Rectory Lane West Car Park; Regina Road Car Park; Riverside Car Park; Threadneedle Street Car Park; Townfield Street Multi-Storey Car Park; Waterhouse Lane Car Park; Waterloo Lane 1 Car Park; Waterloo Lane 2 Car Park; Waterloo Lane 3 Car Park; West End East Car Park; West End South Car Park; Writtle Green Parish Car Park
Chelmsford City Council (Off-Street Parking Places) Order 2018
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Last updated: 20 April 2022

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