Chelmsford City Council

Cashless parking

We are going cashless in all of our Pay and Display car parks from Monday 6 April.

From this date, you will be able to pay:

  • by credit card
  • by debit card 
  • using the MiPermit app

We will also abolish the 10p surcharge on MiPermit.

The number of people using MiPermit via app, online, text (SMS) or phone is growing. This change will bring all our car parks in line, as a third of our Pay and Display car parks have been cashless since 2015.  

By going cashless, we will reduce the number of break-ins to our machines, which cost us a lot of money in repairs. It will also mean we save on cash collection fees, and will eliminate over-vends, where machines are unable to give change.

If you experience any problems paying, you can call the phone number on each payment machine for help.


Price changes

We have changed some of the prices in our car parks to support visitors to the city centre and create a sustainable future.

We regularly invest in parking, especially when it costs more and more to run our car parks. We also need to invest in new technologies such as electric vehicle charging points around the city, and have plans for several more.

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    Last updated: 25 June 2020

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