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We are part of the Essex Community Shield, which brings volunteers together with the people most in need of help due to coronavirus. You can find out how to get help, or how to volunteer. You can also view our latest coronavirus updates.


Coronavirus update for parking

Parking for key workers

If you are an NHS carer or key worker, you can park in on-street areas that have restrictions across all six SEPP areas.

This means you can park:

  • in any of our car parks
  • in loading and unloading bays
  • in on-street Pay and Display bays (Chelmsford and Brentwood only)
  • in resident permit bays
  • on single yellow lines

To be eligible for this, you just need to display evidence of your employment in your windscreen, as sent to you by your employer.

You will not be allowed to park on double yellow lines or limited waiting areas/bays.

You can also visit to find other free parking options for critical care workers.

This scheme will run up until Sunday 31 March. It will not be available after this date.

Enforcement patrols

We are encouraging motorists to act responsibly and observe safety and critical-route parking restrictions, as wide-ranging efforts continue to help combat the spread of coronavirus.

We have adjusted the level of patrols in response to the measures announced by the government in recent days. 

Our Civil Enforcement Officers (CEOs) are focusing the patrols on:

  • reported issues which compromise safety-critical routes
  • areas where inconsiderate parking stops the safe movement of traffic
  • areas where inconsiderate parking stops safe access for emergency vehicles and other essential services such as waste and recycling lorries

Some of our officers have been set up to work from home and will respond to areas where significant parking problems are causing traffic.

Residential parking

We realise that many residential streets have parking restrictions in place to stop all-day commuter parking. These are now presenting problems for residents that have to work from home.

We will be maximising parking spaces in all one-hour parking restrictions, such as single yellow lines or resident permit areas/bays. By relaxing those parking restrictions, this will assist residents when working from home. 

We kindly ask that motorists obey usual rules to avoid causing an obstruction and keep access clear, especially for emergency and waste collection vehicles. When you park and exit your vehicle, you should make sure that your vehicle is parked in the safest and the most considerate manner. If not, you should move your vehicle if necessary.

If you do see a CEO working, you should treat them with respect and consideration. They will have been asked by Essex Police to help support them in maintaining clear access and free-flowing traffic.


Reporting a parking problem

You can still report a parking issue online. However, until further notice, we will only deal with requests that:

  • we consider to be an emergency
  • are absolutely essential to maintain the free flow of traffic on primary routes

If a parking/traffic issue is causing a full obstruction of the highway, you should report it to Essex Police as a crime. They have the necessary powers to deal with obstructive and dangerous parking and remove a vehicle if considered necessary.

At all times during this period of uncertainty, we will be working in partnership with Essex Police to ensure the free flow of traffic.


Office operation 

At the moment, we cannot maintain a fully functioning call centre. Throughout this period of uncertainty, we will be remotely based and will be able to deal with any requests and enquiries when you  contact us online.

We already have several online automated systems to manage the administration process and deal with your enquiries, including: 


Bailiff action

If you receive a letter or visit from a bailiff company with a court order to recover a fine, you should contact them directly.

The individual bailiff companies will have their own measures in place and they should give consideration to the current situation. 


Renewing existing resident permits 

We need to ensure that all resident permits are valid and up-to-date so that we can renew any expired permits as normal. You can renew any permits online via MiPermit.

We will automatically extend the expiry date of all valid resident permits by the same period that the temporary adjustments took place. We will action this once we return to normal working arrangements.


Requesting new parking restrictions (Traffic Regulation Orders)

You can request a new parking restriction online.

We will continue to accept requests for a parking restriction, but we will put on hold any site assessments for existing and new requests. This is because the current traffic movements and parking habits will not be reflective of a normal working day/week. We will continue these assessments once the traffic flows return to normal.

Whilst people are following social distancing and self-isolation guidance, we will put on hold: 

  • any informal and statutory consultations
  • any Committee Meeting decisions
  • implementation of approved Traffic Regulation Orders
  • new parking schemes

Park and Ride

Essex County Council have suspended their  Park and Ride service until further notice.

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    Last updated: 15 May 2020

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