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Apply for a car park season ticket

We offer a range of season tickets for daily users of our car parks.

Buying a season ticket means that you:

  • can save money on the daily cost of parking
  • guarantee that you will have a space (not applicable to Annual 7)
  • don’t have to pay for parking on a daily basis
  • can leave and re-enter your chosen car park as often as you want to each day
  1. Season ticket availability
  2. Annual 7 Season Ticket
  3. Car park season tickets
  4. Car park permits for residents
  5. Parking schemes for businesses
  6. Tell us that your details have changed

1. Season ticket availability   

There are a restricted number of spaces available in our car parks for season ticket holders.

Only season tickets for Meadows Retail are available at the moment.

Current availability

Season ticketNumber issuedNumber of spacesWaiting list
Annual 727727772
Fairfield Road15515593
High Chelmer9210210
Meadows Retail12416440
Townfield Street21821845
West End505030

If the spaces for the season ticket you want are already full, you can join the waiting list.

We will add you to the waiting list based on the date you apply for the season ticket.

If a space becomes available and you are at the top of the waiting list, we will offer it to you. If you refuse the space, we will move you to the bottom of the list or remove you if you no longer want it.

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