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Rochford Schools launch safe parking scheme

Pupils and their families at Holt Farm Infant School and Holt Farm Junior School in Rochford, now have a safer journey to school, thanks to the 3PR parking scheme which encourages families to walk, rather than drive to the school gates.

3PR, the friendly green robot landed at Holt Farm Infant and Junior Schools in November, during Road Safety Week.

3PR represents the Three Parking Rules to remember when travelling to school: Care, Consideration and Caution and these are the key principles of the school parking scheme created by the South Essex Parking Partnership (SEPP).

Featured on posters, stickers, banners and badges, the bright cartoon robot delivers a positive message about school parking to children, parents and local residents alike.

Leaflets about considerate parking and sustainable transport are given out and a '3PR Zone' is created around the school, which parents and carers are encouraged to avoid entering by car.

 During the launch of the scheme, the school carried out letter drops to properties along the road of the school, to inform residents about the scheme and it’s hopes for improved and safer parking.

 Any pupil who arrives in particular zones around the school by foot, bike or scooter will be given a 3PR token to take into their classroom. At the end of each week, the class with the most tokens will be awarded the 'Class Winners Trophy’.

Mrs Lucy Wass, Head of Holt Farm Junior School said, “The children are excited about the 3PR challenge and we hope parents will get involved and take part too. Thank you for all the support from the South Essex parking partnership!”

Councillor Mike Steptoe, SEPP Joint Committee Member for Rochford, said: “It was encouraging to see the children and the schools helping with the SEPP 3PR campaign to help reduce school time parking and congestion.

 “I hope to see more schools implementing the 3PR campaign and I would be happy to meet with the schools to discuss how they can help.”

 If your school is interested in launching the 3PR initiative and would like to find out more information, please visit or contact Claire Harris from South Essex Parking Partnership at


Monday 3rd December 2018

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