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Renowned artist launches Chelmsford Museum's Open Art Exhibition

Painting of Chelmsford Museum in the snow.

Chelmsford Museum is hosting its second annual Open Art Competition from 24 November to 13 January 2019. Fifty-five artists from the Chelmsford area have submitted their work to the Museum for a chance to see their art on its gallery walls.

Well-known artist John Doubleday officially opened the exhibition. He said, "I am looking forward to opening the exhibition and seeing the diverse work which it brings together. The exhibition is a welcome focus for those whose impetus is their own interest in the creative process. Society needs people who think creatively and it is a source of concern that our public life and, in particular, education leaves little room for the development of creativity. We need those who can offer alternative perspectives."

John continued, "In my own practice, I seek to engage people and in April next year there will be an unveiling at Oaklands Park of the National Police Dog Memorial, which I have been working on for over a year. It is intended to give people the opportunity to engage in the relationship between the dogs who serve our community, their handlers and the public by whom they are largely taken for granted. For me, the commission has been a voyage of discovery. Likewise, the works in the exhibition will offer visitors an opportunity to engage with the creative journeys that come together to make the show."

104 pieces of art have been submitted for the exhibition. Mark Curteis, Assistant Museum Manager, said, "Over the years, Chelmsford Museum has displayed work by hundreds of top artists, including John Nash R.A., John Bratby R.A., Alan and Elizabeth Sorrell and Beryl Cooke, to name just a few. Now, art lovers could stumble upon the next Grayson Perry or Billie Bond as new work by local artists goes on display as part of the Open Art Exhibition.

"It is always very exciting to see the artists who are out there in Chelmsford and the art they make."

The Museum offers free entry to all and is open Monday to Thursday 10am - 5pm (including Bank Holidays) and Sundays 1pm - 4pm. It is also open 10am - 5pm on Fridays during school holidays.

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Wednesday 21 November 2018

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