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Recycling activity pack launched for pre-schoolers

The 3foot People Festival has teamed up with Love Your Chelmsford and put together a 3foot Recycling Activity Pack. 

Designed for pre-school aged children, the pack aims to teach our younger generations about the importance of recycling and encourages them to try out some activities at home to help reduce and reuse their family’s waste. 

Written with young people in mind, the pack contains a number of fun activity ideas, combined with interesting recycling facts. It aims to educate about recycling without being overwhelming. Little ones, with the help of an adult, can have a go at cooking using leftover food that may otherwise end up in the bin; getting crafty with old magazines and household objects; or even running their own recycling relay race! 

Councillor Rose Moore, Cabinet Member for Greener and Safer Chelmsford, said, “The folk at 3foot People Festival know how to keep children entertained and, while the festival sadly isn’t going ahead this year, this activity pack collaboration from the 3foot and Love Your Chelmsford teams is an easy way to introduce recycling as a fun topic. 

“Young people are already mindful of the environmental challenges we face and the need to act swiftly. Involving them in recycling from an early age will help this become second nature, just like brushing our teeth or eating our five-a-day. And, as they grow and learn how important recycling is, the message will reach future generations too." 

Click to download your copy of the 3foot Recycling Activity Pack.

Monday 27 July 2020

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