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Chelmsford City Council installing electric vehicle charging points

Chelmsford City Council is set to install electric vehicle charging points in the City Centre as part of its strategy to support electric vehicles in the city. 

The Council is creating a two year framework with the aim of installing two phases of electric vehicle charging points in the city. Initially the Council will be awarding a contract to a company to allow them to install six charging points for electric vehicles.

This procurement process is on schedule and will result in the appointment of a company for the works, it is expected that this will be completed in December. It is then expected that the installation of the units will be in spring 2018. The City Council is proposing that the charging points are installed in three of the City Council's car parks.

The framework will also allow for the Council to award future contracts for a second phase of installations of units. This framework will be open to other local authorities to use. There are already four electric vehicle charging points in the city. 

Vehicles using the charging points in the car parks will not be required to pay for parking charges however vehicles parked in the charging areas while not charging will receive a penalty charge notice. 

Councillor Susan Sullivan, Cabinet Member for Safer Communities said: “I am pleased to be able to announce the news of these electric vehicle charging points. This is part of the Chelmsford City Council strategy to work with others to facilitate the growth of a network across Essex." 

Tuesday 28 November 2017

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