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New Climate Ambassador for Chelmsford

The whole Chelmsford community is being encouraged to come together to help combat climate change. Chelmsford City Council has created a new role of Climate Ambassador and appointed Councillor Tom Willis to the position. 

Councillor Willis will work closely with Councillor Moore, the Cabinet Member for Greener and Safer Chelmsford, and the Love Your Chelmsford team, to engage with the wider community about the climate emergency and the role we must all play. 

The appointment was made at the Chelmsford Full Council held online on 22 July 2020, when Councillor Moore gave an update on the Council’s climate action work to date. Find out more about the Council’s work to address the climate emergency

The role will create links with parishes, community groups, schools, local businesses, faith groups and more. 

Councillor Rose Moore said, “I am delighted to nominate Councillor Willis for this role. His passion for the environment and his deep awareness of the damage we have done to the planet is evident and it is always moving to hear his wisdom. It will be an honour to work alongside him.” 

Councillor Willis added, “I’m delighted to take up this role, to be a link between the council, which has declared a climate and ecology emergency, and the wider community. We will be setting up meetings to discuss how we can how we can work together to combat climate change in Chelmsford. 

“The news has been dominated by Coronavirus for months, but climate change will be longer-lasting and remains the biggest medium-term threat to our way of life.” 

It was also announced in Full Council that Councillor Martin Bracken, Cabinet Deputy for Economy and Small Business, is stepping down from his role to spend more time as a grandparent. Councillor Simon Goldman has taken over the role.

Tuesday 4 August 2020

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