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Chelmsford City Council is committed to respecting and protecting your privacy when you interact with us and use our services and venues. You can be confident that we are serious about any concerns surrounding the security and safeguarding of your personal information.

New privacy laws will soon come into effect with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which require the Council to re-obtain your consent for any marketing or promotional communication that we wish to send out by post, phone (calls and text messages) and emails (including e-newsletters).

The City Council would like to continue to send you exciting news about what’s on (activities, courses, workshops, shows and/or events), new developments, improvements and changes, consultation opportunities to help shape our services, special offers and discounts. However, you will no longer receive this information unless you opt-in again.

Launched earlier this month, “myChelmsford” is an area on the Council’s website that allows you full control of what you want to hear about when we contact you. You can change your mind at any time by adjusting the settings and even unsubscribe to stop all marketing contact.

Cabinet Member for Corporate Services, Councillor Anthony McQuiggan, said “We feel this new privacy law is a positive step to ensure that our residents get the right to choose what they hear about and are contacted based on their interests. If you want us to keep in touch, please opt-in now.”

If you have a partner, housemates, children or other people living with you, you won’t be able to enter their preferences on your account – they will need their own account so that information can be tailored to that individual’s preferences.

To sign up, change your preferences or to unsubscribe, please visit the Council’s website at New data privacy policies and notices launched by the City Council can be found at



Wednesday 23 May 2018

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