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Hocus Pocus will put you under its spell at Chelmsford Museum

Dust down your costumes, grab your broomsticks and head over to Chelmsford Museum for Hocus Pocus!

Running in the half-term holiday from Monday 22 October - Friday 29 October, Hocus Pocus will explore the myths about witches, separate fact from fiction and discover if there really were witches in Chelmsford.

Councillor Susan Sullivan, Cabinet Member for Museums at Chelmsford City Council, says, "Chelmsford Museum will be offering families a very different Hallowe'en experience. Instead of experiencing frights and bumps in the night, Hocus Pocus will give visitors a fascinating insight into the real history, myths and legends surrounding Hallowe'en."

The interactive exhibition will explore how witches became associated with Hallowe'en, how so-called witches were identified and the origins of Hallowe'en itself. There will also be some great books available to read and enjoy, from Harry Potter to Macbeth and the Chronicles of Narnia.

Dave Finkle, Business Manager at Chelmsford Museum, programmed the event. He says, "Hocus Pocus will be a great way for kids, and maybe a few adults, to dress up and get into the Hallowe'en spirit. We will look into the dark history of the Essex witch trials way back in the 16th and 17th centuries and consider whether there really were witches going around casting spells.

"The exhibition will use the Museum's taxidermy collection and other spooky items unlocked from our vaults to separate witch fact from witch fiction. With Hallowe'en just after half-term, there's no better time to come and learn all about 'witches' and their role in history."

Hocus Pocus will take place in Chelmsford Museum's Wells Pertwee Room and is open Mon-Fri 10am - 5pm. Entry is free.

Friday 5 October 2018

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