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Have your say over neighbourhood issues and local councils in Chelmsford

A review is underway of the most local level of decision-making in the Chelmsford area. Chelmsford City Council wants to hear your views, as part of what is called a Community Governance Review.

62% of the population across the Chelmsford district have a parish or town council, as well as Chelmsford City Council and Essex County Council. The other 38% (within the urban centre of the city) do not have that very local voice.

There are two main aspects to the review: (a) should the 38% currently without local representation have a change (such as set up community/parish council or an alternative such as area committees), or remain as they are; and (b) are changes needed to existing parishes.

Boundaries of existing local councils may need to change, especially in areas which have seen a great deal of development that may have crossed boundaries. For these reasons, the City Council is carrying out public consultation from Monday 18 January to Thursday 18 March 2021. Have your say at

Leader of Chelmsford City Council, Councillor Stephen Robinson, said “If you want to change things, especially within your own neighbourhood, it’s vital to get involved and tell those in power what you want. If you think that we could change or improve your parish arrangements, please take part in this consultation and make your voice heard.”

He added “As well as the opportunity to have your say via the online survey, all residents living within the Chelmsford City area will also receive an information leaflet and paper survey through their letterboxes over the coming weeks, to allow them to return their feedback by means of a free postal address.”

Chelmsford City Council will consider the results of the consultation and a report will be put before the Full Council in July 2021, to decide upon the next stage of the review process. All completed responses must be received no later than Thursday 18 March. The Council is required to carry out such a review periodically, but has not done so for very many years.

Wednesday 20 January 2021

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