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Do you have an amazing idea for creating more affordable housing?

Community groups can now bid for funding from Chelmsford City Council to help provide affordable local housing.

Chelmsford City Council has been allocated £20,635 from the Community Housing Fund to help local neighbourhoods. Matched by money from other grants, this means that a total £41,135 of funding is available to help communities create new homes for local people.

Community-led housing is a way for residents to create their own affordable, good-quality homes. It’s designed and managed by local people and built to help the community, not for private profit. Often, it’s specifically aimed at certain groups such as young people, older people or families, and can be built to sustainable, budget-friendly specifications.

Types of community-led housing include cohousing, self-help housing, community land trusts, cooperative and tenant-controlled housing, and projects run by local organisations. The homes that are built are usually rented to local people at affordable rates,  but could also be offered on a shared ownership basis.

The money made available could be used in a number of ways, from covering construction costs to the administrative and legal costs of forming a community organisation. There is no limit to how much an organisation can apply for, within the total £41,135 available. 

Councillor Paul Hutchinson, Cabinet Member for Strategic Housing, said, “The community-led housing movement isn’t yet a common topic of conversation, but it is growing quickly, providing hope to thousands of people in housing need. Local people know their local areas, and as a community group you may be able to see the potential of a site that a developer might not. 

“The Council will support people who want to act on their ideas to create more affordable homes in their local areas. If you are part of a community group who may be interested, please do discuss the idea and consider applying for this grant.”

Funding will only be allocated to community-led affordable housing schemes which meet key criteria. For further information and to complete the application form, groups can visit or email 

All applications will be assessed on merit before the Council decides on the allocation of the fund. If the fund is oversubscribed, the Council is more likely to support applications which can demonstrate high levels of community support and value for money.

The deadline to submit an application is 12pm on Friday 11 January 2019. 

Tuesday 6 November 2018

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