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Drama, horror, comedy and Thunderbirds

This November, Chelmsford Picture House is screening the very best of Charlie Chaplin and Laurel & Hardy, plus a German horror classic, feminist fiction, live theatre screenings and vintage Thunderbirds!

Born In Flames (15) is a 1983 feminist fiction film, shot in documentary style, that explores racism, sexism, sexuality and much more besides. Lizzie Borden's film was made on a shoestring budget and features mainly non-professional actors. The plot revolves around two New York City feminist groups which both air their concerns on pirate radio and portrays proactive women making a stand in a world full of violence and government oppression. The film is part of the Women 100 season and will be screened on Monday 5 November.

A double bill of Charlie Chaplin films will be shown on Friday 9 November to mark the centenary of the First World War. Shoulder Arms (U) was released in 1918 and sees Charlie in France during WWI. Charlie is placed in the 'awkward squad' and goes 'over the top' to capture thirteen Germans, the Kaiser and the Crown Prince. He is rewarded by a ticker-tape parade in New York, but was it all a dream? Charlie plays his classic character, The Tramp, in A Dog's Life, co-starring Scraps the Dog.

The Cabinet of Dr Caligari (U) is a classic 1920 German horror movie directed by Robert Weine. Considered the height of German Expressionist cinema, due to its dark and striking visual design, it revolves around a hypnotist, a sleepwalker and a series of murders. Catch it if you dare on Tuesday 13 November.

Five classic Laurel & Hardy short films will be celebrated on Thursday 15 November as part of The Hal Roach Years. The films to be screened are Busy Bodies, Dirty Work, Towed in a Hole, The Chimp and The Music Box. Come and witness the comic genius of Stan and Ollie at the peak of their powers.

Thunderbirds (U) will be Go! on the big screen on Tuesday 20 November, with two one-hour episodes of the brilliant 60s series that followed the adventures of International Rescue. The episodes have been shown some digital tenderness: restored to HD, they will look out of this world!

Battleship Potemkin (PG) is a landmark 1925 Soviet film directed by Sergei Eisenstein. It dramatises the real-life 1905 mutiny of the Imperial Russian battleship, which led to the later Russian Revolution. The film is a stone-cold classic, its imagery has been copied countless times and it often appears in the higher end of the Greatest Films of All Time lists. Now fully restored, including a brand-new score, it is coming to the Picture House on Wednesday 21 November.

The Company of Strangers (PG) features an all-female cast of senior citizens who recall real stories from their lives when a coach on which they are all travelling breaks down in Quebec, Canada. A feel-good film that considers themes of ageing, love, marriage and racism, this is part of the Women 100 season and will be show on Friday 23 November.

The cinema has two live-theatre screenings in November. The ballet La Sylphide will be shown live from the Bolshoi Ballet in Moscow on Sunday 11 November at 3pm, while Troilus and Cressida will be shown pre-recorded at the Royal Shakespeare Company on Friday 30 November at 7.15pm.

All of the Chelmsford Picture House films, apart from live-theatre screenings, start at 7.30pm.

For full details and to book tickets, visit or call the Box Office on 01245 606505.

Thursday 1 November 2018

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