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Chelmsford City Council makes World Environment Day pledge

Councillor Rose Moore and Councillor Stephen Robinson at the air monitoring station on Springfield Road

Two Chelmsford City Councillors have marked World Environment Day on Wednesday 5 June with a visit to an air quality monitoring station, where they spoke about their commitment to protecting the environment in Chelmsford and beyond.

Air quality is a major environmental issue across the globe: the World Health Organisation estimates that 4.6 million people die each year across the globe from causes related to air pollution. In Chelmsford, a range of pollutants in the air are scientifically monitored at stations, including those caused by traffic emissions. 

Councillor Stephen Robinson, Leader of the City Council, met with Councillor Rose Moore, Cabinet Deputy for Recycling and Ecology, to inspect one of these monitoring stations in Springfield Road, close to Chelmsford Prison.

This station monitors the immediate area's levels of nitrogen dioxide and nitrogen oxide, particulate matter (PM10 and PM2.5), and ozone.

Speaking of the importance of improving air quality, Councillor Moore said, "The Council is committed to prioritising green infrastructure to cut carbon emissions and improve quality of life for everyone in the community."

Councillor Robinson added, "Chelmsford City Council will support and work with all other relevant agencies towards making the city and surrounding area zero-carbon by 2030. 

"Our actions will include leading by example with a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly vehicle fleet, planting pollution-busting species, supporting initiatives such as electric car charging points, increasing the use of solar panels, encouraging and supporting cycling, and working to raise awareness and promote good practice."

Chelmsford subscribes to the airTEXT service, which provides information about air quality by text message and is particularly useful to anyone with a condition exacerbated by pollutants, such as lung and heart conditions. To find out more, visit

Thursday 6 June 2019.

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