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Council funded tree planting project unveiled in Chignal

A grass verge on the west side of Chignal Road, at the junction with Mashbury Road and Copperfield Road will now be feeling the joy of Spring thanks to a planting project delivered by Chelmsford City Council and Chignal Parish Council.

The newly planted trees, wildflowers and bulbs were unveiled in a ceremony on Wednesday 20 March which was attended by Councillor Bob Massey, Cabinet member for Parks at Chelmsford City Council, Councillor Lynn Ballard, Chair of Chignal Parish Council and other council officers and members who were involved in the project.

The project was funded by Chelmsford City Council from planning contributions after Chignal Parish Council submitted the proposal for the project to bring these beautiful trees, wildflowers and bulbs for their local community to enjoy. Not only will they provide more aesthetic value to this green area but will also increase biodiversity, providing a habitat and food for wildlife. Additionally, the planting of trees will also improve the water holding capacity of the site, provide shade, improve heat absorption, as well as improving air quality.

Councillor Bob Massey says: “We take great pride in ensuring that new trees, plants and flowers are planted across the city. They bring huge benefits to the local community, not only enhancing biodiversity but also vastly improving the look of an area, therefore increasing a sense of pride in the area for residents. Thank you to Chignal Parish Council for bringing the proposals forward and to Essex County Council for their support in granting us permission to plants these wonderful trees and flowers. This is a great example of local authorities coming together for the benefit of the community.”

Councillor Lynn Ballard added: "Although close to Chelmsford, Chignal is a community which values its distinct rural identity. We were delighted to have had the opportunity to work with the City Council’s Parks and Green Spaces team to see our ideas for improving what was a featureless grass verge on edge of our parish come to life with the planting of trees, bulbs and wildflowers. We look forward very much to seeing this new landscape develop into an asset for people and wildlife". 

Friday 22 March 2019

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