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Chelmsford City Council reveals new Cabinet

During last night’s Full Council (Wednesday 16 May), the Leader of Chelmsford City Council, Councillor Roy Whitehead, announced a change to the Cabinet portfolios.

Councillor Whitehead said “Following the sad death of our former Chief Executive, Steve Packham, his successor, Nick Eveleigh decided to re-allocate some responsibilities of the Directors and this resulted in their number being reduced.”

He added “The Cabinet portfolios have also been adjusted to level out the workload and the new responsibilities are shown below. This has resulted in a reduction in the number of Cabinet Members and I wish to thank Councillor Nicolette Chambers for all her work as a Cabinet Member over many years.”

The full Cabinet of responsibilities is now as follows:

  • Councillor Roy Whitehead, Leader of the Council
  • Councillor John Galley, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Finance
  • Councillor Anthony McQuiggan, Cabinet Member for Corporate Services & Information Technology
  • Councillor Julia Jeapes, Cabinet Member for Leisure Services
  • Councillor Bob Massey, Cabinet Member for Parks & Cemetery Services
  • Councillor Neil Gulliver, Cabinet Member for Planning and Economic Development
  • Councillor Susan Sullivan, Cabinet Member for Safer Communities, Museums & Cultural Strategy
  • Councillor Paul Hutchinson, Cabinet Member for Strategic Housing
  • Councillor Malcolm Sismey, Cabinet Member for Waste Management, Recycling & Parking Services


Councillor Stephanie Scott will continue as Disabled Persons’ Champion, Councillor Ron Alcock will continue as Champion for Armed Forces and Councillor Jon De Vries, whose term as Deputy Mayor of Chelmsford ended during last night’s Full Council, will take on the role of Older Persons’ Champion.

Details of all City Councillors can be found at

Thursday 17 May 2018

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