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Artists' environmental message in a bottle at Hylands Estate

An exciting new six-week exhibition by illustrator Nicky Gayle and glass artist Mona Marnell will be taking place in the Bookshop Gallery, Stables Courtyard, Hylands Estate, Chelmsford, which starts on Sunday 24 June and continues to 5 August.

The exhibition is thanks to a chance conversation between two artists at Stables Courtyard about the state of the world's oceans. Mona Marnell explained, "I was reeling from reading a report that stated a fifth of the world's coral had died in the last three years. I just happened to be passing Nicky's studio and saw her working on a piece focusing on plastics polluting the sea."

Nicky Gayle continued, "After discussing the enormity of the situation, we agreed that we wanted to use our art to raise awareness of the devastating effect climate change and pollution continues to have on our oceans.

"Researching this environmental disaster leaves us feeling both angry and helpless to effect change, but also hopeful. Knowing that there is a growing awareness, that we can all help by recycling, and that there are so many projects out there attempting to repair and prevent more damage to our amazing oceans is heartening. Our exhibition is both a warning and a celebration and everyone is invited!"

Nicky's work is mixed media with vibrant colours and includes an emblematic plastic bottle to create stunningly beautiful artworks with a message. Mona has focused on celebrating the rich diversity of sea flora buried deep on the ocean floor as a reminder of the hidden beauty we risk losing if we don't take action. 

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Thursday 14 June 2018

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