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Contacting the Press Office

Members of the media can contact the Press Office for any help they need to put a story together, whether you have an enquiry about our services, would like to receive our press releases, are seeking a comment from a Council spokesperson or need other information.

You can contact:

  • Samantha Dordoy (Communications Manager), for queries relating to Financial Services, Planning, Economic Development, Museums, Leisure, Major Projects and Public Health & Protection.
    Call: 01245 606459
  • Stephanie Burrill (Communications Officer), for queries relating to Arts & Culture, Parking, Recycling & Waste, Parks, Licensing, Hylands Estate, Theatres and Street Care.
    Call: 01245 606253
If you are not sure who to contact, you can send an email to both members of staff.


You can also view our City Life newsletter.


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