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Fashion room at Chelmsford Museum

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Fashion at Chelmsford Museum

Our Other Exhibitions

CERAMICS - Chelmsford's potters

The Ceramics gallery celebrates potters that have lived and worked in and around Chelmsford. From the eccentric pots produced by Edward Bingham to internationally recognised work by Bob Washington and Joanna Constantinidis. 

Ceramics room at Chelmsford Museum
The room focuses on Grayson Perry and our very own pot made by him - 'The Chelmsford Sissies'.

Top things to see in this gallery:

  • The Chelmsford Sissies pot and the dress Grayson Perry wore to collect the Turner Prize.


Fashion and costume

This room highlights some of the fantastic costumes from our collection. Fashions on display range from a 1960s psychedelic jacket to a fabulous Edwardian dress. 

You can see some of the fashion accessories that were used with the costumes, and there's a dress up box too.

This gallery will be changed regularly so be sure to visit again to see what's new!  

Natural World

 The new wildlife display is a family favourite! 

Find the queen bee in our living beehive, and watch the bees flying out to Oaklands Park to the beautiful flowers. 

There is a chance to see our taxidermy mounts which includes animals that you could find around Chelmsford. Don't forget to play on the game on our interactive display.

Top things to see:

  • A live beehive
  • Boris the Bear in the Victorian Hall, the most famous bear in Chelmsford!

Victorian kitchen

A fully equipped kitchen and wash-house helps to bring the Victorian House to life. Imagine what it would have been like to have been a cook or to have done the washing when the museum was a private house.


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