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Illustrations by Liz Goozee

Extinction means it can never be again


Chelmsford Museum




5 April to 30 June


Monday to Sunday 10am to 5pm


Temporary Exhibition

Our latest Gallery Wall exhibition is "Extinction means it can never be again" by Liz Goozee.

From the artist: 
"This exhibition concentrates on animals that could potentially be extinct in the wild, in some cases, within the next 20 years. Through my own travel experiences, I have been able to see various species of animal, including African wild dog, Bengal tiger and Black rhino, in their natural habitat which may not be possible in the future. I believe that it is the responsibility of us all to effect change in order to address the problem of human interference and exploitation of the animal world.

The animals in this exhibition represent just a small proportion of the many species under threat in the world today. The common denominator which animals share is that their balance of nature is directly affected by human intervention which, in many cases, may be based on culture, myth and greed. This phenomenon is not just applicable to land animals but, for example, creatures whose habitat is within the ocean and who are as negatively affected. For example, BBC’s recent Blue Planet 2 live transmission highlighted the unnecessary culling of sharks just to procure their fins to satisfy demand in certain Asian countries. The documentary also promoted awareness of the effect of plastic in our waters which has an enormous adverse impact on all sea life.

Within my artwork, my aim is to communicate my love for all animals and to show each animal’s unique characteristics and natural beauty of these sentient beings. My art practice uses the visual language of drawing to elicit empathy in all viewers including children. I would love viewers to share my passion for the animal world and to be mindful that animals can disappear in the blink of an eye which would be such a catastrophe for future generations."

Liz is a Chelmsford based artist who attained a BA Hons (Fine Art) at Colchester School of Art and an MA by Project at The Sir John Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design at London Metropolitan University.