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Festival Day Success

Chelmsford Museum festival a success


Around 1,000 people enjoyed Chelmsford Museum’s inaugural ‘Festival Day’, celebrating the diverse cultures of Chelmsford on Saturday 30 September.
The ‘Festival Day’ took place in and around the museum, with live performances, art, dance and food stalls in the grounds of the museum, at Oaklands Park. Inside the museum there were guided tours of the museum and a variety of cultural workshops and activities including; Egyptian drumming, belly dance, Samba dance, Chinese dumpling making, henna hand painting, a Bollywood taster, African block printing, making your own oils, Brazilian massage, as well as many other activities. 

Performances included Egyptian Tanoura, Samba in full carnival regalia, Polish Folklore and African Dance and Drumming.
Chelmsford City Council’s Cabinet Member for Leisure, Councillor Julia Jeapes says: “We are delighted how this new event has captured the public’s imagination. The whole day was a fantastic success with Chelmsford’s diverse population having the opportunity to talk and learn about each other’s cultural backgrounds.”
Nick Wickenden, Manager, Chelmsford Museum said: “This was a wonderful celebration of the people who make up modern Chelmsford, as well as those who made it what it is.’ Nick continued: ‘Both new and old residents of the City came to the museum to learn about, and celebrate each other’s cultural backgrounds. The museum is here for all and we are a vital part of the Chelmsford community and we want to reflect that in what we offer.”
The event was supported by the Arts Council England through the ‘No Borders’ project.
The ‘Festival Day’ also launched the start of the BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) Oral History Group. The group will record people’s experiences of coming to live in Chelmsford and how they settled into the City’s community through their stories, objects and materials etc. These artefacts will be preserved at Chelmsford Museum and the Essex Records Office.

Festival Day Polish Folklore Dancing