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2. Riverside car park arrangements

We are continuing work on the new Riverside Ice and Leisure Centre.

Although the leisure centre will mainly stay open during the works, car parking is reduced.

The open air section of the Riverside car park is closed to everyone until the work is complete.

The Riverside undercroft car park is available exclusively for Riverside Ice and Leisure Centre customers:

  • Monday to Friday, from 6am to 2pm

  • Saturday and Sunday, from 6am to 5pm

The undercroft car park will be open to everyone outside of these times.

The car park will be barrier-controlled when it's only for leisure centre customers, and you will need a code to exit. The code will change daily, and we will display the code at Reception, at the gym desk and at the main exit doors.

You will only be able to access the undercroft car park from Waterloo Lane, as the Victoria Road entrance to car park will be closed.

Leisure Plus card

If you have a Leisure Plus card, you will be able to claim your one hour parking refund from Reception if you park at:

  • Riverside undercroft

  • Waterloo Lane 1

  • Waterloo Lane 2

  • Waterloo Lane 3

Monthly members

If you have a monthly membership parking permit, you will be able to use the permit at:

  • Riverside undercroft
  • Waterloo Lane 1
  • Waterloo Lane 2
  • Waterloo Lane 3

You will not be able to use your permit at the Regina Road car park.


Alternative parking

The nearest car parks to Riverside are Townfield Street car park and the Meadows Retail Multi-Storey car park.

You will not be able to claim a Leisure Plus card parking refund or use your monthly membership parking permit in these car parks.


Riverside Ice and Leisure Centre development

You can find out about what is happening at Riverside, including a gallery of the proposed centre as well as the timescales.


Download car park leaflet

You can download a leaflet about the car park disruption, which includes details of what's happening as well as a map of the area.

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