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Children's activities at Riverside

We are continuing work on the new Riverside Ice and Leisure Centre. The current phase of the works means the sports hall, the undercroft car park and the ice rink are closed until Spring 2019. You can find out about the closures. In addition, OJ’s café is now closed. We have installed vending machines and a new cafe will open in the new centre.

1. Crèche at Riverside

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Our crèche facility offers child care for children aged between six weeks and five years, for between 30 minutes and two hours.

With qualified staff and OFSTED registration, you can enjoy your exercise at Riverside, knowing that your child is being well looked after.

You need to stay on site while your child is at the crèche.

We do not provide drinks and snacks, but you can bring your own for your child.

Your child needs to have a Leisure Plus card to use the crèche.

You can book a place at the creche online, by phone or when you visit Riverside. You will need to pay when you make your booking, unless you already have a monthly membership.

You can book onto classes:

  • ten days in advance if you have a monthly membership

  • seven days in advance if you have a Leisure Plus card     

If you no longer need to use the creche, you need to cancel at least two hours before the session. We will charge you the full amount for the session if you do not cancel in time, or if you do not attend. You can’t cancel a session online, so you will need to contact us if you need to cancel.

Opening times

The crèche at Riverside is open:

  • Monday to Thursday, from 9:30am to 1:30pm

  • Friday, from 9:30am to 12:30pm

The crèche is not open on bank holidays.


  • 0 to 4 years: £3 per 30 minute session

Sessions last for 30 minutes each. You can book more than one session, with a maximum of two hours.

If you have a Wellness or Complete monthly membership, you will receive one hour per day of free crèche sessions for one child. You will need to pay for any additional sessions, and for any other children.

Using the crèche

Before you use the crèche, you are welcome to visit and speak to our staff.

To use the crèche, you will need to complete an application form, which we will provide on your visit.

You need to collect a ticket from the Riverside Reception, which is valid from the beginning to the end of the session. Your child will not be able to use the crèche before their session starts.

You still need to collect a ticket if you receive free crèche sessions, for safety purposes.

You need to give the ticket to the crèche staff when you arrive at the crèche.

Sessions last for 30 minutes, and start on the hour and at half past the hour.

If you are late to collect your child and a new session has started, you will need to pay for the additional 30 minute session. We will add the payment to the Leisure Plus card, and you will not be able to make another booking until you have paid. You will need to make the payment within seven days of the crèche session.

You need to stay on site while your child is at the crèche.

If your child has a bad cold, sickness or diarrhoea, you should not bring them to the crèche. If your child is ill at the crèche, we will contact you and you will need to collect them immediately.

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