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Personal and small group training

  1. Personal training
  2. Small group training


1. Personal training

If you are a monthly member of one of our gyms or have a Leisure Plus card, you can book sessions with a personal trainer.

Sessions are available at all of our leisure centres, and last for one hour.

Before you start your personal training programme, we invite you to a free 30 minute consultation. At the consultation, we will discuss what your motivations are and what you would like to achieve.

We will then be able to create a personalised plan, to help you meet your goals around your lifestyle.



Leisure Plus card prices:

  • single session: £35
  • 4 sessions: £124
  • 8 sessions: £232
  • 12 sessions: £324

Monthly member prices:

  • single session: £30
  • 4 sessions: £112
  • 8 sessions: £208
  • 12 sessions: £288

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