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Our leisure centres are now open. You can find all the information about restrictions and Covid safety on individual activity pages.

Membership terms and conditions

To get the most out of your membership, please read our terms and conditions.

Membership terms and conditions

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1. The contract between you and us

As a member, you agree to follow the rules of membership relating to using our centres and your behaviour within Chelmsford City Council centres.

2. Length of membership

Your membership will last for a minimum of 1 calendar months commitment period at the agreed monthly rate (excluding any freeze months). After this, your membership will automatically renew on a monthly basis unless you or we cancel your membership in accordance with sections 3 or 6. Your commitment period starts from the date of your first direct debit. All membership fees are subject to change. 

However, you will be given a least 30 days written notice of any future increase in fees and will be entitled to cancel your membership by giving 30 days written notice should we increase the price you committed to. There is no commitment period for Ice Patch Memberships. 

3. Changing your mind

As long as you have not used your membership and you inform us in writing within 7 days of signing the terms and conditions, we will refund any membership fees you have paid to us and release you from contract without charge.

4. Suspend or freeze membership

If you wish to freeze your membership, you must do so in writing by completing a freeze form from reception, no later than the 17th day of the previous month that you wish your freeze period to start. You may freeze for a maximum of 3 months at a time in whole calendar months only. 

If you are within your initial commitment period a freeze fee charge of £5 per freeze month applies. Freeze months do not count towards your commitment period. When your agreed freeze period ends, your monthly direct debit membership will automatically return to the agreed amount.

5. Late payments

If you fail to make payments due under this contract, we may contact an external agency or other organisation to help us collect payment from you. We will only do this after we have written to you at the postal address we have on record for you. It is your responsibility to advise us to any changes in your details. 

We also have the right to suspend your membership and refuse you entry to all of our Leisure Centres until you have paid the full amount you owe. If you are within your 6 month commitment period when you fall behind with paying your membership fees, we will continue to add your fees for the rest of that period to the amount you owe.

6. Cancelling membership

You may not end your membership within your initial 1 calendar month commitment period, unless you qualify under the following reasons:

  • You are unable to use our centres due to serious illness or injury for at least three calendar months. You must provide reasonable professional evidence of this, such as a doctor’s certificate or letter. 
  • You are made redundant and provide us with a letter of redundancy from your employer.
  • You move out of the Chelmsford tax code area and provide sufficient evidence of this, such as a council tax bill.   

If you have completed your minimum 1 calendar month contract period, you may cancel your membership by giving us notice in writing no later than the 17th day of the previous month that you wish to cancel. Once written notice is received by us, you can cancel your direct debit with your bank.  You may only downgrade your membership once you have completed your one month commitment period (excluding any freeze months).

Please note we will not back date cancellations and will only cancel memberships in accordance with the conditions above once the relevant proof has been received.  Verbal cancellations cannot be accepted; all cancellations must be made in writing.  We do not offer refunds for non-usage. 

7. Data Protection

Chelmsford City Council is a Data Controller for the purposes of data protection legislation. All personal information is held and processed in accordance with this. 

Please refer to our Privacy Notices published on our website at www.chelmsford.gov.uk/privacyfor details. Please contact us if you need the privacy notice in an alternative format. 

8. General Terms and Conditions

  • Chelmsford City Council reserves the right to change the conditions (including the range of activities, timetables and booking restrictions) of the Memberships. Advance warning will be given where possible. 
  • All members must adhere to the centre rules, respect other members, staff and facilities at all times. Chelmsford City Council reserves the right to terminate a Members Membership Agreement if the Member breaches this contract and/or breaches the rules of any other Chelmsford City Council leisure facility or for any other reason that Chelmsford City Council deems appropriate.
  • Use of the gym equipment at any of Chelmsford City Council’s four gyms is only permitted once an induction has been completed. If an induction was booked prior to taking up a Membership, the induction cost will be refunded only if a monthly membership is taken up on the day of that booked induction. 
  • A Technogym key must be purchased for use of the gym at Riverside Leisure and Chelmsford Sport & Athletics Centre (CSAC), Only one key is required to access both centres.
  • The gym equipment varies between all four gyms operated by the Council. It is up to the Member to request an induction ‘top up’ when using new or different equipment at a gym other than their main site where they had their original gym induction. This will be provided free of charge to all those on a monthly Membership package but may be subject to staff availability.
  • Children must be 14 years or over to use the Gym at Riverside Leisure Centre (exclusions may apply) and 16 years or over at Chelmsford Sport & Athletics Centre (CSAC), Dovedale Sports Centre (Dovedale) & South Woodham Ferrers Leisure Centre (SWF Leisure Centre). Children must be 14 years or over to use exercise classes. Please note there are restrictions on certain classes whereby the minimum age is 16, please refer to class timetable. 
  • A Member can only book a child into the crèche at Riverside if they are the parent or guardian of that child and the child is aged from six weeks up until the child’s 5th birthday. The Member must remain within the Centre during the crèche booking. Sessions for the crèche are one hour in length and either start on the hour or at half past the hour. Children will not be allowed into the crèche before their booking starts. Only one 'free of charge' session can be booked per day. Any additional time (maximum of two hours total per day) must be paid for at reception. This applies to one child only. Additional children must be paid for.
  • External facilities included in the Memberships (such as casual athletics and MUGA) do not include the use of floodlights. If these are required, they must be paid for separately.
  • Car parking is subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed. Certain Membership packages include a parking permit for Riverside Victoria Road car park, where the Membership is taken out at Riverside Leisure centre. This allows free parking whilst the customer is using the centre as long as the correct permit is displayed. A maximum of 3 hours of parking is permitted per day. Please refer to the Riverside car park permit terms and conditions. We do not guarantee a car parking space as part of your membership
  • Car parking at Riverside – Car parking permits at Riverside must be returned by the last day of your membership. Failure to return will result in your membership continuing on a monthly basis until this has been returned. 
  • Chelmsford City Council reserves the right to adjust the opening and/or closing hours of any of its leisure centres or to close off areas to the public for the purpose of cleaning, decorating, refurbishments and repairs or for specific functions and holidays. Customers will be kept informed of these changes in advance (where possible) through notices at the centre and on its website/s. No refunds will be considered for facility closures less than one month.
  • The Membership agreement is specific to the individual. Partners or children of the Member must obtain their own Membership. All bookings made as part of the Membership are purely for the Member. The Membership card must not be passed to another person for use. Regular checks will be carried out to ensure this is adhered to.
  • Anyone found to be misusing their card may result in their membership being terminated and any membership fees already paid will be lost.
  • An individual will be required to have their photograph taken as part of the Membership registration process, (unless one has been taken within the last 12 months as part of the individual’s leisure card application). This will be used for identification purposes and will be held electronically on the Council’s computer system.
  • Membership fees are reviewed annually. Notification will be given to each member at least 30days before any price increases are implemented. You may give notice to cancel within 30 days of the price increase regardless of your commitment period if your price is increased.
  • Members must produce their card at reception desk upon each visit to the centre. They will be issued with a ticket at reception for activities even though no payment is required. This is an important health and safety requirement should an evacuation in the event of an emergency take place. The ticket is valid from the start until the end of the session time only. At Riverside you may use the fast track barriers and kiosk.
  • Booking (up to 10 days in advance for members) on all applicable activities (such as exercise classes, squash, climbing wall, MUGA and crèche) is strongly recommended. All sessions are subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed. When facilities are full to capacity you may be asked to wait until space is available. 
  • We allow a maximum of 15 pre booked sessions in any 10 day period for monthly members. This is to allow our customers equal opportunities to book into our popular classes.
  • If a booked activity session is overrun, or the member is late in collecting their child from the crèche (Riverside only), and a new session time has started, the member will be charged for the additional session that was not booked. This will be added to the computer system and no new booking can be made until this has been paid for.
  • Members are required to give a minimum of 2 hours' notice when cancelling any booked activity. Failure to do so will result in the member being liable for the full cost of the session. Any arrears must be paid before the member will be able to make any further bookings. 
  •  “Anytime” allows use by the Member at any time within the centre and/or facilities’ opening / closing hours or when that activity is available. This covers both peak and Off Peak hours where applicable. Off Peak hours are 9am tp 5pm Monday to Friday and after 12 noon at weekends.
  • “Term times” and “School holidays” refer to Essex County Council dates.
  • Ice Patch sessions can only be used once an induction has been given by an Ice Professional and you have reached the correct skate levels.


Covid Secure - The following measures are in place to ensure our leisure centres are covid-secure

  • All members will need to book all sessions in advance via the website or App
  • There will be limited sessions and reduced capacities in all areas of our Leisure Centres. 
  • Usage will be limited to Maximum of one session per day per customer. 
  • Social distancing must be followed throughout the centre
  • If you or anyone you live with has Coronavirus symptoms, do not use the centre. 


These conditions will be reviewed regularly in line with government guidelines. Chelmsford City Council reserves the right to change these conditions at any time. Advance warning will be given where possible. 

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